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Anniversary trip - Day 2: Golden Circle

28 April 2017

After dominating jet lag on our first day (and then subsequently sleeping 12-13 hours overnight to catch up) Christi and I were back at it for day two of our trip. Smartly we booked our tour that day to leave at 10am to give us ...

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Anniversary trip - Day 1: Reykjavic

26 April 2017

This year is the 10th anniversary for Christi and I so we started planning a trip 6-12 months ago. We knew we wanted to go to Europe as Christi had never been before, but over that time we planned many different itineraries ...

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A quick twelve hours in NYC

02 April 2017

When I started this blog back in 2005 if someone told me that I'd have multiple posts on broadway shows, I never would have believed them. Sure enough, I have this one and this one to prove it. I even thought I wrote about The ...

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Post #600 - New 1s and 0s

15 March 2017

I figured for post #600 I'd go big and completely redo my entire site. I have been working on it off and on, mostly off, for the good part of six months and finally figured it was time to put it out in the wild.

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