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Henry's first baseball game

23 April 2018

I've heard the phrase: Those who can't do, teach. Pretty sure the second part of that should be: Those who can't parent, coach. I figure if my kid can't take direction from me at home, I'll try to do it with nine other kids ...

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Anniversary: Part 11

20 April 2018

Another year. Another perfect celebration with the one who started it all. Love you babe ... onto number 12 now!

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Nebrasketball at the Garden

03 March 2018

In 1997 I went to the very first Big XII conference tournament game for Nebraska in Kemper arena. 21 years later I saw the very first conference basketball game for Nebraska as part of the B1G in MSG. Both times they were the ...

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My wife is the best

14 February 2018

Christi and I don't do gifts for Valentine's Day ... probably haven't in over a decade. I come home today and she surprises me with this. Just awesome. That's all.

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