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Nebrasketball at the Garden

03 March 2018

In 1997 I went to the very first Big XII conference tournament game for Nebraska in Kemper arena. 21 years later I saw the very first conference basketball game for Nebraska as part of the B1G in MSG. Both times they were the ...

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My wife is the best

14 February 2018

Christi and I don't do gifts for Valentine's Day ... probably haven't in over a decade. I come home today and she surprises me with this. Just awesome. That's all.

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09 October 2017

Back in 2011, after taking in the mansions on the cliff walk and then enjoying a polo match in the evening, Ben Martens talked me into signing up for the Newport half marathon. Six years later, I finally made good on the promise.

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Lunch with Bob Ley and Jeremey Schaap

07 August 2017

A couple of months ago a few of us entered our names in a raffle at work for a chance to have lunch with Bob Ley and Jeremy Schaap to help celebrate the relaunch of OTL and E:60. Fortunately for me I was the one who had their ...

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