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My marriage lasted longer than my ring

15 June 2020

I almost lost it a week into wearing it while swimming in the Great Barrier Reef. I was 99% sure I lost it trying to paddle board with Erica and Tucker at Lake Tahoe. Then I actually broke it, instead of losing it, in ...

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Becoming a smoker

31 December 2019

I gave up homebrewing. Yeah, I know, right? I love beer. I love my home. I love brewing. I love homebrewing. Over the past couple of years I found I was brewing every month to every other month to a couple of ...

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Monterey Bay Half Marathon

17 December 2018

No more than a week after I finished my first half marathon last fall one of the first things that I told Christi I was going to do was throw my shoes away and never do it again. Story to come in the following few paragraphs, ...

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Hs first Husker game

08 November 2018

About a month ago for the Purdue game I was able to fly back to Nebraska and take Henry to experience his first football game. Although in a losing effort, it was still an experience that I will never forget and hopefully one ...

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