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Monterey Bay Half Marathon

17 December 2018

No more than a week after I finished my first half marathon last fall one of the first things that I told Christi I was going to do was throw my shoes away and never do it again. Story to come in the following few paragraphs, ...

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Hs first Husker game

08 November 2018

About a month ago for the Purdue game I was able to fly back to Nebraska and take Henry to experience his first football game. Although in a losing effort, it was still an experience that I will never forget and hopefully one ...

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Henry, welcome to kindergarten

29 August 2018

I can't believe that today was your first day of kindergarten. Sometimes it's just hard to believe how fast you've got to the point where you are right now. I'm not sure if it's because you did k-prep at your school ...

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Henry's first baseball game

23 April 2018

I've heard the phrase: Those who can't do, teach. Pretty sure the second part of that should be: Those who can't parent, coach. I figure if my kid can't take direction from me at home, I'll try to do it with nine other kids ...

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