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Post #600 - New 1s and 0s

15 March 2017

I figured for post #600 I'd go big and completely redo my entire site. I have been working on it off and on, mostly off, for the good part of six months and finally figured it was time to put it out in the wild.

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Installing picture molding

29 January 2017

For a few months now, Christi has had this idea of revamping our dining room. She has always had an idea of changing up some colors and then adding picture frame molding boxes below our chair rail. I always liked the red that ...

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Great way to start the morning

05 January 2017

Driving the kids to school this morning and the car in front of me starts swerving to avoid things in the road. Naturally, I start doing the same but must not have been as good as them as I hit something with my front left tire.

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The time that random guy did not want to listen to me about betting on Nebraska

30 December 2016

Yesterday, after supporting the parent company and seeing Rogue One, I swung over to get some award winning buffalo sauce at J Tim's. As I'm standing shoulder to shoulder with people in the bar I randomly hear three guys to my ...

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